Industrial Designer. Artist. Photographer. Break-Boy. Jazz Addict. Hip-Hop Head. Funk Fanatic. Writer. Bibliophile. Coffee Enthusiast.

My goal for this page is to keep it as first hand and as raw as possible. To share my work, thoughts, travels and experiences and express the inspiration that motivates me to keep pressing on. To never be satisfied with where I am but yearning, discovering and searching to go above and beyond comfort, normality and limits. (All photographs are original works unless otherwise noted.)

I hope this blog can serve as an inspiration for all.
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    There are a lot of jams lined up these days but here are the ones that are on my schedule as of now. Time to test out my arsenal. 

    The Heart Break Ball 2011 (DC)

    Tuff City Rockers x AiReal Apparel Present: City of Raw (Norfolk/VA Beach)

    Breaks U (New York)

    Circles 12: Hip Hop Charity Event (Harrisonburg, JMU)

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